Alistair Phillips - Knifemaker

Member of the Australian Knifemakers Guild

For these neck knives I wanted to do a chisel grind on them. I have never done one before so it was kind of interesting to do.

Here are the knives after an initial grind with a 60 grit belt. You can see the steel got a little hot in a few places. It won't matter since they haven't been heat treated yet.

I used a file and a makeshift file guide to file in the ricasso plunge cut. It means more work to clean up with the sand paper but a nicer finish than I can do on my grinder. I also used a file is a couple of places to make the grind along the edge a little more even.

Two down, two more to go. This is up to P120 sandpaper.

All four hand sanded to P120 sandpaper.

Here all four have been sanded with P240 sandpaper. You can see I have sanded in a different direction to the 120 sandpaper to ensure I get all the 120 scratches out.

Side view. Nice and even.

Stack of knives ready to send off for heat treating.